Everyone dreams of winning a Jackpot but few know how these Jackpots work. Let JackpotAce explain how Progressive Jackpots work.

Progressive Jackpots

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Every casino is proud to announce the details of jackpots that have been won in their casino, they flash the amounts and show off pictures of winners but there is usually little informatin about how these jackpots work. This is where Jackpotace.com steps in. We've put together the most complete site on how each type of jackpot works, some record breaking jackpots that have been won and what games you can play to win some big money.

Normal Jackpots

Everyone knows about these jackpots but most people don't think of them as a jackpot, but as their winnings. The truth is anytime you win anything while playing a casino game you are winning a jackpot.

Progressive Jackpots

These are the big jackpots, the ones that make all the headlines, the ones that people tell stories about and the ones that the casino advertise like no other.
Progressive jackpots are huge and they are certainly something to celebrate when they are won. Have you ever wondered how those jackpots get so large? Let Jackpotace explain these jackpots to you.

Online Progressive Jackpots

Online casino's have an advantage over land based casinos in what kind of game can offer a progressive jackpot. Traditionally it has been slot and video poker machines that have been the staple of the progressive jackpots. Online casinos can not only offer Progressive Jackpots on slot and video poker machines but on tables games as well like Blackjack and Baccarat to name a few. Check out what the Jackpotace has to say about online progressive jackpots.

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