Everyone dreams of winning a Jackpot but few know how these Jackpots work. Let JackpotAce explain how Progressive Jackpots work.

Online Progressive Jackpots

Like land based Casinos, Online Casinos like Golden Palace offer Progressive Jackpots. Video Poker and Slot machines tend to have the higher number of games offering a Progressive Jackpot but unlike land based casinos, online casinos offer progressive jackpots on a number table games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Caribbean Poker, Stravaganza, as well as on Arcade style games.

Because of the nature of the games, being controlled by a computer it is very easy for online casinos like Golden Palace to offer a progressive jackpot on virtually any game that is offered by the casino. This give the player who likes Blackjack the thrill of vieing for a Progressive Jackpot while playing thier favorite game.

Online Progressive Jackpots work in the same manner as land based ones. Each casino that offers a particular progressive game seeds a set amount in to each progressive jackpot and a portion of each wager or a side wager, depending on the game is added to the progressive jackpot.

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