Everyone dreams of winning a Jackpot but few know how these Jackpots work. Let JackpotAce explain how Progressive Jackpots work.

Progressive Jackpots

Typically Progressive jackpots have been offered on slot machines and video poker machines. These games are linked together accross casinos and sometimes accross state lines to provide the largest jackpot possible. In recent years Progressive jackpots have started showing up on table games such as caribbean poker. With the advent of computerized table games progressive jackpots are sure to appear on more and more table games.

Progressive Jackpots may sound complicated but they are quite simple. Each machine that offeres a particular Progressive jackpot is connected to a central server which keeps track of how much money is being wagered on that particular jackpot. These servers constantly update the jackpot banner over the particular game and watch each machine for a winning spin (in the case of slots). When a player achives the right combination for the progressive jackpot the central server is notified, and the machine is locked down. The casino immediately sends a manager and a technition to verify the winning result and when this is completed the progressive jackpot is reset to it's starting value and the lucky player gets a very large cheque. The odds of winnings a progressive jackpot are controlled by the random number generator found in the partciular machine.

The progressive jackpot offered on slot and video poker machines is funded by taking a percentage of the wagers made on those machines. Becasue of te sheer number of machines the jackpots can grow quite quickly depending on the popularity of a particular game. The progressive jackpot offered at Caribbean Poker uses a seperate wager apart from the wager placed on the game. Only by making this side wager can you qualify for the progressive jackpot. If you do not make this side wager and you happen to get a qualifying hand for the progressive jackpot you only win the normal jackpot offered at that table.

Not all the money in a progressive jackpot comes from the players themselves. Each casino offering a particular progressive game will place 'seed' money into the jackpot after it has been won so that, that game is still attractive to the players.

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