Everyone dreams of winning a Jackpot but few know how these Jackpots work. Let JackpotAce explain how Progressive Jackpots work.


A casino has two types of jackpots progressive jackpots and normal jackpots. A Normal jackpot is the jackpot offered by any particular game. When you place a wager in Blackjack and win your jackpot is the payout offered at that table (2 to 1 etc.). Slot machine work on the same principle. The payout table offered by the machine shows the available jackpots you can win.

Because Normal Jackpots are the winnings of the particular game you are playing, the payouts happen at almost regular intervals when compaired with Progressive Jackpots. Because Normal Jackpots are much lower in value than Progressive Jackpots they do not require a special wager that most Progressive's require.

For example in Blackjack the best payout you can receive is when you are dealt a Blackjack (Ace, Ten combination). Because most Blackjack games do not offer a progressive jackpot you do not need to place a side bet to qualify for this payoff.

Here are some typical payoffs you can expect to see when playing your favorite casino games. This list is by no means complete, Visit OUR SITE HERE for a complete list of payouts:

3:2 for a blackjack

2 or 12 - 30 to 1
3 or 11 - 15 to 1
any craps - 7 to 1

One number - 35 to 1
Two numbers - 17 to 1
Three numbers - 11 to 1

Varies by machine and amount played

Varies by machine and amount played

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